Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Writing Prompt Wednesday #10

Todays prompt: What is the best prank you've ever pulled on someone?

I am not much of a prank-puller. My sister is the one who, when we were still living at home, used to hide around the house and jump out when I came walking by, almost scaring the pee out of me. I am much nicer than that. I don't play pranks on people. Probably because I'm not very good at it.

My sophomore year of college, however, I had a couple pranksters for roommates, the kind of girls who colored my milk green on April Fools Day and cranked up the thermostat in my room when they thought I wasn't looking. When they got into a prank war with an apartment of guys we were friends with, somehow I got pulled in, too.

Somehow it began with us filling each others' apartments with newspaper, tons of it. We'd scour campus and grab as many copies of the school's weekly newspaper we could find and pile them into bags and tubs. I have a picture of me merrily dumping a tub of newspaper into their shower. Then the guys would gather it all up and get us back. This went back and forth a few times, ending the night we hung our underwear up around our living room, hoping to repel the attack we knew was coming. Instead, they dumped the newspaper and stole our underwear.

That's when the attack got personal. And a little more creative. We filled their apartment with granny panties from Wal-Mart and ugly decorations we found at the thrift store. They turned all our furniture upside down. We saran-wrapped their cars and wrote all over them with lipstick and pudding. They emptied our cabinets and smeared pudding all over our table and counters.

But my favorite prank was the last one. We snuck over to their apartment late at night (or early in the morning, depending on how you look at it) and taped several giant plastic bags over the entire length of their door. Then we filled the space between the door and the bags with as much trash and newspaper as we could fit. When they opened their door to go to class in the morning, they were greeted with a deluge of garbage.

I wish I could have seen their faces when it happened.

They didn't like us very much after that.

Have you ever pulled any awesome (or mean) pranks? Please share!

But don't try to pull them on me,
The Brown-Eyed Girl


Kolena locksa said...

I was just telling Sammi about this one last night: When I was in my first area on my mission there were 4 of us in an apartment. One of the other missionaries was a prankster. We'd jump out at each other, she put cheese in my shoes, palmolive on my toothbrush (yuck!), a frozen banana in my bed, and so on.
One day I had a genius idea. I found a cicada bug skin and put it on her pillow. She thought it was a huge spider. She screamed and freaked out. And swore she would get me back. She didn't.

Rachel K said...

LOL, I knew I could count on you to have some great pranks. That's hilarious.

Brenda Anderson said...

We had a prank war in high school where we'd but gross stuff in our friends' lockers. The best one was when I went outside and scooped up a cowpie (a nice dry one--I'm not that mean!), put it in a zippie bag and placed it in Sarah's locker. Her books stank and she was sooo mad. That ended that war, with me victorious.

Rachel K said...

Wow, Brenda. I will be sure to never get into a prank war with you. :)