Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to my blog! It turns a year old today!

To celebrate, and reward all my faithful readers, I would like to do a giveaway.

The first lucky reader to comment on this post will receive this:

Oh, wait, I already ate that.

I mean, the first reader to post a comment will be the lucky recipient of this:

Oh, wait, Mr. Brown Eyes might have a problem with that.

I mean, you'll get this:

Danielle Bright Photography
Ok, some days, after long nights of her jumping onto my face when I'm trying to sleep, I am inclined to give her away. But not today.

All right, I have a dilemma. I want to do a giveaway, but what on earth does someone give away on their blog's first birthday? If you happen to be my sister, I can just make you cookies, but what about my dear readers who don't live in Arizona? Would you mind if your cookies arrived in crumbs? I certainly would. It's hard to sink your teeth into a bunch of crumbs.

So, give me a shout. What would make an awesome giveaway? If I like your suggestion, I just might get it for you. If I don't get any comments, well, then, I'll just celebrate my blog's birthday alone in my kitchen, blowing out the one candle on my cupcake all by myself.

Happy One Year!

Who wants a cat?
The Brown-Eyed Girl

Monday, November 28, 2011

Belated Halloween Pictures

This year we took Baby Brown Eyes trick-or-treating for the very first time. He was the world's cutest dragon with his little wagging tail and fearsome roar.


Everyone loved him. Some people gave him extra candy for being so cute. Others gave him extra for having cool parents who dressed up, too.

I love Halloween. I think as the years pass I will probably enjoy dressing up for it more than my kids. They will probably just look at me and roll their eyes. And ask me to walk ten feet behind them. 

Anyway, Baby Brown Eyes' adorableness got him quite a bit of candy. Way too much for a little eighteen month-old. So I helped him eat it.

It's what mothers do.

The Brown-Eyed Girl

P.S. Doesn't Mr. Brown Eyes look good in his kilt?

Saturday, November 26, 2011

I Came, I Wrote, I Conquered

Whew! 50,264 words and one complete novel later, I have conquered National Novel Writing Month. Hooray!

It was a frustrating and amazing experience. I'll tell you more about it later.

I've missed you so much, little blog.

I'm glad to be back!

The Brown-Eyed Girl