Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Showing Off

I remember the days, back before I was married, and even after I was married but before we had babies, when I was very annoyed by people who seemed unable to talk about anything but their children.
"Don't they have any other interests?" I would ask myself. "Don't they realize that not everyone wants to talk about their kids all the time?"
And then I had kids, and I became one of those annoying people.
I try not to be. I don't walk into work and tell the girl sitting next to me all about my son's latest bowel movement or my daughter's new tooth. But when conversation turns to our weekend plans, I inevitably start talking about my kids.
Because, well, my plans kind of revolve around them. They are a huge part of my life.

I try not to go on and on about them when talking to people who don't have kids because I remember what it felt like when people did that to me. I would think, "Great, your kid's wonderful, now can we please talk about something I can relate to?"
But sometimes it's really hard not to go on and on about them.

I understand now how kids take over your life.

They astound you and frustrate you, overwhelm you and amaze you.

They make you laugh and cry and beam with pride.

And it's really hard not to share that with everyone around you, even people who you know, in your heart, don't really care.

So, because I am amazed and astounded by my children everytime I look at them...

because it's almost Mother's Day...

and because I am one of those annoying mothers...

I wanted to show off my precious babies.
I'll refrain from telling you about their bowel movements.
Happy Mother's Day,
The Brown-Eyed Girl