Friday, July 15, 2016

Oregon 2016

Just when it started getting miserably hot in Arizona, we made a getaway to beautiful Oregon: 

Everyone kept apologizing for the cold weather. And I just laughed.

Visiting with Mr. Brown Eyes' family was fun just like it is every year, but I can't really call it a vacation.

"Vacation" denotes rest and relaxation. And, let's face it, traveling with three kids--one under a year old--is neither restful nor relaxing.

Between back-to-back potty breaks, overtired babies, late nights, tantrums, and a whole lot of whining, there were plenty of times I wanted to pull my hair out.

But the good times made it all worth it.

Nothing says family bonding like twenty hours in a car together.


But now...we just might need a vacation from our vacation.

Happy Summer,
The Brown-Eyed Girl

Summer Is...

Arizona summers suck. And yet the buzz of the cicadas, the smell of sunscreen, and the hum of the air conditioner are as familiar and comforting to me as blankets and hot chocolate are in the winter.

I don't think I could ever live anywhere else.

Here is what I love about summer.

Staying cool,
The Brown-Eyed Girl