Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday List

I have a lot of post ideas running through my head, but not enough time to write any of them at the moment. So I'm going to slip out for the weekend like a diner sneaking out of a restaurant before paying her bill, and leave you with a list. Ok, I'm not really sure how that simile applies. But I like it.

I promise I will be a more faithful--and entertaining--blogger next week.

1. Happy one-year anniversary to my braces! My orthodontist made me the happiest girl in the world this morning by telling me that I definitely won't be wearing them for another year. Let's cross our fingers that this February will be the month that I lose my metal-mouth status. Or sooner. I could totally go for sooner.

2. Of course after giving me that good news, my orthodontist laughed maniacally and slapped these hugely thick rubberbands onto my teeth, binding my upper and lower teeth together so tightly I can hardly open my mouth. He gave me a couple bags of them and ordered me to wear them all the time, only taking them out to eat or brush my teeth. And if I need refills, just give the office a call. But be sure to remember the animal on the front of the bag; that lets them know what thickness of rubberbands I am wearing.

My animal is a rhino.

Do they get bigger than rhino?

Blue whale, maybe.


3. Baby Brown Eyes suddenly isn't as clingy as he used to be. He still loves his mom and dad, but when we go over to my parents' house he toddles off and plays with his cousins for hours on end, forgetting we're even there. Yesterday he reached for my dad and didn't want to come back to me when it was time to go.

My dad cheats, though.

He feeds Baby Brown Eyes M&Ms.

You can get almost anyone to love you by feeding them chocolate.

It is nice to be able to go to the bathroom without being followed.

4. After being in Oregon, I am going through seafood withdrawals. I want it. Constantly. Beer-battered halibut, stuffed salmon, fresh crab. Anyone know a good seafood place in Arizona? That I can move into?

5. If you're on the hunt for a cute, vintage bathing suit that won't quite break the bank, this is the place. Popina has changed my life.

6. I completely accidentally met a fellow writer today. I love it when that happens.
7. Proverbs 3:7-10. This sums up my life. We are amazingly blessed of the Lord. (Thanks to my sister for leading me to these verses, even though she didn't mean to.) Our barns and presses are bursting with plenty. Figuratively, of course.

Hope you have a great weekend. I will be experimenting with kissing Mr. Brown Eyes while wearing my rhino rubberbands, and keeping Baby from sticking his little fingers into my mouth and trying to play with them.

Soon to be braces-free,
The Brown-Eyed Girl

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