Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Catching Up

After a wonderful week in Oregon, I'm back and ready to blog. However, I also have over a week's worth of laundry to fold, cat hair to vacuum, and floor to mop. So, while I try to catch up on life, here are some highlights from my vacation.

Baby's first haircut

Wearing his cousin's princess helmet
This is just part of our catch from two hours of crabbing

About to eat the "Chocolate Bag"

More stories to come,
The Brown-Eyed Girl


fluffybutt said...

I love that picture of you guys in the sun on the beach!!! It would look cool if you did some kind of old effect on it!!!

Kolena locksa said...

I love that picture too! Who took it?
I also love the one of you pretending to feed Ransom to the shark. :P

Jilly said...

haha.. it actually looks like Ransom is picking the sharks nose! mmm shark boogers!!