Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hawley Lake

Welcome to one of my favorite places on earth.

There's nothing like escaping from 110 degree weather for a relaxing weekend spent here:

I love camping almost anywhere we go, but there's something about this place. It's so quiet that it's full of noise--fish splashing, cows mooing, people talking on the other side of the lake, birds squawking, boats creaking. Meadows blanketed with clover and wildflowers slope down to the lakeshore where the water dazzles blindingly in the sun. The sky, when it's not raining, is impossibly blue, the billowing white clouds so low you feel like you can reach up and touch them.

It's one of those places that makes you want to hit your knees and thank Heavenly Father for creating such beauty.

But I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

The first time Mr. Brown Eyes and I came here, Baby Brown Eyes was just a zygote inside of me. I didn't even know I was pregnant yet. I was so hormonal I cried when I saw a chipmunk get run over.

Now look at my baby:

I don't know how this happened. Just yesterday my little boy was a sweet little baby who laid in my lap and cooed at me. Now all of a sudden he's a sweet little temper-tantrum-throwing-I-can-do-it-by-myself-run-away-from-Mom-and-Dad-exploring-the-world-tumbling-down-the-stairs toddler. I am the mother of a toddler. How? When? And will he ever stop running and playing long enough for me to snuggle him?

Ah, yes.
When he's sleeping.
I'll take what I can get,
The Brown-Eyed Girl

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