Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Here and Now

Today's Prompt:
Where you are right now?
What do you see? List three things.
What do you hear? List three sounds.
What do you smell? List three smells.
What do you taste? List at least two tastes.
What do you feel on your skin? List three things.
Then, imagine you have moved outside nearby. Ask and answer the same questions.

(Reprinted by permission all rights reserved (c) C.M. Mayo "Giant Golden Buddha and 364 More 5 Minute Writing Exercises"

Right now I am sitting at the counter in my parents' house. I see a half-eaten carton of bright pink yogurt; a chubby, dark-haired baby chewing on a spoon; and a red and yellow box of Barnum's Animals crackers.

I hear my nephew crunching pretzels with his teeth; Cookie Monster singing "C is for cookie..."; and the low hum of my laptop.

What do I smell? That's a hard one. I smell salty pretzels; the slightly-sweet, sweaty smell of my son's hair; and the tropical scent of my deoderant.

I taste the metal of my braces and pretzels. Mmm. Delicious pretzels.

I feel the hard edge of the counter against my lower arm; the warmth of my laptop against my wrists; and loose hairs from my bun tickling the back of my neck.

If I were to move outside to the table on my parents' patio, I would see the turqouise blue of the pool; tiny hummingbirds hovering around the bird feeder; and a black and white cow standing in the pasture, flicking his tail. I would hear cicadas buzzing in the trees; cars whizzing by on the street; and the hum of the air conditioner. I would smell chlorine, manure, and my deoderant, hard at work. I would still taste metal and pretzels. I would feel the gritty surface of the patio against my bare feet; the heavy, searing desert heat against my skin; and the slightly rough wrought iron armrests of the patio chair against my hands.

Where are you here and now?

The Brown-Eyed Girl


fluffybutt said...

Right now I am in my warm, comfy bed. I see my computer screen, my hands on the keyboard as I type, and the light from my computer reflected in the lamp in the corner of the room.

I hear the hum of my lappy as it works to keep me logged in; I hear the sounds of someone in the bathroom moving around, and the rush of the cars on the main street near my house as they zip by on their way to somewhere.

I smell my air freshner - I don't know what smell it is, but it sure smells good!!! I smell the conditioner I use in my hair, and it reminds me that I need to get something different next time!! I also smell the slight minty-ness of the carmex I put on my lips.

I taste the waxy-ish-ness of the carmex on my lips, and toothpaste (I actually brushed my teeth :P) I also taste the faint minty aftertaste of my listerine mouthwash.

I feel the warmth of my blankets on my legs and I have them propped up to see my lappy screen. I feel the cushon of the pillow beneath my head, and the soft breeze from the a/c as it blows to keep me cool.

If I were to move outside, I would see the streetlights shining on the houses behind mine, the dark of the night would reveal the few stars the city lights allow to shine through, and the dark outlines of the trees that have been growing for years and that in the night look like monsters. I would hear the cars on the street louder than before, and they continue to zip by; the thump of the a/c as it comes to life; and the chirp of the crickets as they move about. I would smell the fresh air; the sweet scent of my deoderant; and the lovely odor of the cows in the backyard. I would feel the heat from the day slightly burn my feet as I stood on the deck overlooking the backyard; I would feel the smoothness of the boards that make up the deck; and the hard plastic chair that I am lying on.

Kolena locksa said...

Right now I am at work.
I see my plants that need to be watered, people bustling about, and a picture of Rachel and I in our halloween costumes from 2007.

I hear the whir of the copy machine, my boss talking to a friend, and people typing away on their keyboards.

I smell new carpet, fresh paint, and my vanilla lotion.

I taste a cinnamon raisin granola bar, and milk I just ate for breakfast.

I feel my bangs brushing my forehead, the warmth of my sweater, and my dress pants brushing against my hairy legs. LOL!

If I moved outside I would see business people and homeless people going about their daily lives, I would see cars driving by, and a beautiful old house that is so out of place among the other buildings.

I would hear cars driving by, people chit-chatting, and airplanes flying over head going to the nearby airport.

I would smell cigarette smoke, fresh cut grass and fresh pavement from the construction nearby.

I would feel the heat of the sun toasting my skin, starting to bead up on my forehead and my hair sticking to the back of my neck.

Rachel K said...

Nice job, girls! Thanks for playing! And Kolena, I know that pants-against-hairy-legs feeling very well.

Kolena locksa said...

Hehe! I couldn't stand it any longer so I shaved last night! Not a pleasant feeling!