Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hello Fall

Today's Prompt: What is your favorite season?

My answer to this question varies, depending on the time of year. I'm fickle. I love the bursting green buds of spring, but I also love the chill of winter, drinking hot chocolate in my living room while a fire crackles in the fireplace. And I also love the cool, mellow days of fall. And summer--well, I don't love anything about summer except jumping into the swimming pool and traveling far, far away from the desert.

So today, seeing that it's October, I'm going to have to say that my favorite season is fall, or autumn, as it's often more eloquently called. The blazing summer makes me appreciate fall even more. The temperature dips, the brilliant blue of the sky softens, and I can step outside without feeling like I'm walking into an oven.  I know it's fall when I can turn the AC off and open the windows, when the nearby racetrack roars to life, when the horses start getting shaggy, and crunchy gold leaves--perfect for stomping--start collecting on my back porch.

Fall means wearing boots and sweaters, playing outside, dressing up for Halloween, and pumpkin donuts.

Fall in Phoenix is like taking a big, deep, luxurious breath after holding it in for four months.

Yes, fall is the best time of year.

What's your favorite season?

The Brown-Eyed Girl

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Jilly said...

I will have to agree with you, Not SuMmEr!!!! ew. And I'd agree with you on the whole fall stuff :) Spring is also nice :)