Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"Time Elasticity"

Today's Prompt: List 10 situations / activities that make time go slow. Then list 10 situations / activities that make time speed up.
(Reprinted by permission all rights reserved (c) C.M. Mayo "Giant Golden Buddha and 364 More 5 Minute Writing Exercises"

Time slows--
when I have nothing to do at work
when I'm starving two hours before lunchtime
when I'm sitting at a red light and I'm in a hurry
when Mr. Brown Eyes is at work
when I'm waiting to get pregnant again
when I'm running on a treadmill
during an awkward conversation
when I'm waiting for water to boil
when the robots start fighting again in the "Transformers" movies. Yawn.
when Mr. Brown Eyes goes to buy ice cream. And I really want it.

Time flies--
when I'm lying in Mr. Brown Eyes' arms
when I'm reading a really good book
when I'm watching a good movie
on Christmas Day
when I'm in the dentist's office
when Baby Brown Eyes is napping
when I'm on a horse
when we haven't planned our Halloween party yet
when Baby Brown Eyes is making me laugh
when I want it to slow down

It's too bad we can't speed up and slow down time at will. If I could have one wish, that is what it would be.

How is time elastic for you?

The Brown-Eyed Girl

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