Friday, May 6, 2011


Is it Friday? Somehow I lost track of my days this week. Well, I hope it's Friday because that's what I decided to title this post.

Sorry I've neglected you this week, dear little blog. Here is a list to see you through the weekend.

1. I have changed exactly 520 poopy diapers today. Some of them leaked. Not on me, thank goodness. Baby Brown Eyes has a tummy ache. He also threw up. And started playing in it. Awesome.

2. I woke up before the sun today to do a work out on my new elliptical. Then I went back to bed. As my eyes closed in sleep I felt like the calories I had just burned were sneaking back into my body. Is that possible?

3. Family shouldn't be allowed to move away.

4. I have come to terms with the fact that I have a serious sweet tooth. I think it's always been there, but it really revealed itself when I was pregnant. That was when I started eating peanut M&Ms by the handful, when I would buy a box of chocolates and before I knew it half of them were gone. I can't blame it on pregnancy, though, because it never went away. If left to my own devices I could probably eat an entire cake or a whole tub of ice cream. It's an affliction I have. One I must learn to deal with.

On that note, I made a batch of cookies today and baked them before I ate all the dough. I was proud of myself.

Baby steps.

5. This is what my living room looks like right now.

My home has been infiltrated by baby toys.

But it's a good thing.

Happy weekend,
The Brown-Eyed Girl

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