Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy Memorial Day and a List

I've missed you, little blog! Sorry I haven't posted much lately. I really don't have a reason. Life, I guess. And a certain little two year-old human.

In celebration of this lovely three-day weekend, here is a list of everything that makes me happy right now:

1. The cool breeze blowing on my face. I'm in Arizona, and it's not hot outside! Granted, I am sitting in the shade.

2. So You Think You Can Dance is back!

3. Booked a hotel right on the beach for our trip to San Diego.

4. Last night Brown Eyed Boy said, "I love you, Mama." Not that clearly of course, but he said it, and it made my heart dance.

5. Ever since getting on with the fire department, Mr. Brown Eyes has been obssessed with his muscles. And ways to make them bigger. Yesterday he made a forty pound hammer in the likeness of Thor's Mjolnir. And he named it "Meow Meow."

6. And yes, you'd better believe he was out there in the yard, wielding "Meow Meow." Or, rather, hitting it against a large tire.

7. The next thing I know, he's going to grow his hair long and start sporting a cloak and armor.

8. Not that that would be all bad.

9. Brown Eyed Boy loves watching baseball. I have visions of him making the big leagues and buying his father and I a multi-million dollar house. But I guess we should start with Little League and work our way up from there.

10. This picture of Brown Eyed Boy made it onto the jumbotron at Wednesday's Diamondback's game.

It made me ridiculously happy.

Happy weekend!
The Brown Eyed Girl

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