Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Writing Prompt Wednesday #8

Today's prompt: What is the worst accident you have ever had? The most recent? The silliest? The srangest? The most painful? The most embarrassing?
(Reprinted by permission all rights reserved (c) C.M. Mayo "Giant Golden Buddha and 364 More 5 Minute Writing Exercises"

Worst: The first time I fell off my horse. I had only had him for a few months and still didn't really know how to ride. I started running him on the canal road behind my parents' house--a strip of dirt road that wound alongside a deep, wide cement canal. Sultan sensed he was headed for home, so when I tried to get him to stop he tossed his head and fought me. As he rounded the corner I tipped out of the saddle but, like the amatuer I was, I kept the reins clutched in my hands. So as Sultan kept running, I was dragged across the rough, gravelly dirt. I don't remember how I got there, but somehow, without being trampled by Sultan's hooves, I ended up clinging to the side of the canal, crying out for help, watching Sultan turn into a little speck at the other end of the road. A guy from the adjoining neighborhood came running and pulled me out, then chased Sultan down where he had finally come to a stop, munching on a clump of weeds without a shred of concern for me.

Most Recent: I am accident-prone. But a recent one I can think of was when Baby Brown Eyes head-butted me and jammed my lip into my braces. I cried. He cried. And I was holding an ice pack against my fat lip for the next hour.

Silliest: Now that I'm about to share this with the world, I think it qualifies as most embarrassing. On my 16th birthday I invited a bunch of friends over for a sleep-over in a tent in my front yard. As the night progressed we got goofy and a few of us decided to run up and down the street. That's it. Harmless, right? Ok, ok, we also decided it would be a good idea to run up and down the street with our underwear on the outside of our clothes. I can't explain our teenage thought process. We just thought it would be great fun. So when we got back to my yard I saw a couple people walk out of the house and thought for sure it was my sisters. I didn't want them to catch me in my present state, so we all rushed back into the tent. In the chaos my friend Shanna jabbed me right in the eye with her finger. My first thought amid the searing pain was that my eye had fallen out, and I started yelling exactly that. It took a minute for me to realize that my eye was still intact, but that was the end of the fun for the night.

Strangest: My dad raises bulls for meat. Before I got married and moved into a house of my own, those bulls shared a pasture with my horse. This was never a very big deal; for the most part I ignored them and they ignored me. Occasionally my dad would buy a bull with a more aggressive streak, but usually a yell or throwing an object at such a bull was enough to keep him away. Until one summer when I was home from college. That year my dad's bull was the meanest ever. One day, as I was walking through the pasture to get my horse, the bull started following me and wouldn't back off, no matter how many times I hit him in the head with my horse's halter, the only weapon I had at my disposal. My horse ran off and I found myself backed up against the neighbor's fence, an angry bull lowering his massive head at me, tearing the grass into chunks with his hooves. I knew I had no where to go, and right before he lunged at me I squeezed my eyes shut, certain I was about to be impaled. Instead, I was caught between the bull's horns and dragged a few feet. He let me go and backed off a few steps, in which time I grabbed my fallen glasses and scrambled up the fence. As I sat astride it, pondering what to do, the bull still kept trying to come at me, slinging snot through the air as he angrily tossed his head. In the end I climbed the fence into my neighbor's yard and escaped that way. After that, I stayed as far from that bull as possible. And a few months later, he was in the shape of a hamburger on my plate.

Most Painful: The third or so time I fell off my horse. He spooked at something and I came halfway out of the saddle but managed to hold on. I was at a precarious angle, though, and couldn't pull myself back up. "Just let go," I told myself. "It won't hurt too bad." Wrong! I landed flat on my back on the hard asphalt road. The pain radiated through my body and for a minute or so I couldn't even move. At least Sultan stood patiently next to me until I managed to stand up again.

Most Embarrassing: The day after Mr. Brown Eyes and I got back from our honeymoon, I turned my truck too soon out of my parking spot at the apartment complex and scraped it against a pole. Ok, it didn't just scrape. It got completely stuck. The sickening shriek of stressed metal not only called my husband over, but a neighbor guy who helped me get unstuck. I felt so stupid that even his help embarrassed me. And then Mr. Brown Eyes told him that we had just gotten married. The neighbor replied, "Oh, and she's wrecking the car already?"

Tell me I'm not the only one who does things like that,
The Brown-Eyed Girl


Kolena locksa said...

This is fun, I'll play!
Most recent: When I was doing the "power red" blood donation and the needle shifted when they were returning the fluids back to me and I had a big nasty goose egg where the needle went into my arm. I felt sick the whole rest of the day!
Silliest: My first day driving as a delivery driver for Checker I was rear ended by a fellow employee who was too busy flirting with me over the walkie talkie to watch where he was going.
Strangest: When I was little I was outside playing and I think mom called me inside for some reason, or someone asked me to go inside and do something...I can't remember. Anyways, when I got inside I was bleeding all over the place and I realized I had a big (pretty deep) cut on my leg. I have no idea how it happened but I still have the scar!
Most Painful: I was walking across the room holding Hayden and I tripped over his push toy. I managed to not hurt Hayden but I put my foot through his toy. I got some pretty deep and painful cuts on my ankle and twisted it as well.
Embarrassing: When I broke my toe, and popped off my toenail learning how to swing dance with Brian.

Rachel K said...

LOL, I love it! I think your silly one is my favorite. :)

Brenda Anderson said...

Yikes! I'm always a day behind!
Worst: Worst, because I was worried about TG: That would have to be the time I ran over myself with the car. My husband and I were arguing and I got out of the car without putting it gear or putting the brake on. The car started to roll as I walked behind it and it hit my legs. I didn't notice the pain until later because I was desperate to keep the car from rolling away with my son in it.
Most recent (or on going): Every time I use the top of the kitchen drawers to open them instead of the nifty handles, I catch my fingers between the drawer and the counter!
Silliest: When I was younger, my bed, the top bunk, was close to the wall that separated my room from my brothers' room. They liked to have me reach around and turn of the light for them. One night I was half asleep when they asked me and I feel out and hit my head. I don't remember it happening, just waking up later with a massive headache.
Strangest: The last time I helped my husband unhook the washing machine from the wall the pliers he was using to try and unscrew the hose flew out of his hands and hit me in the forehead. I had a unicorn bump for the next two days.
Most Painful: While playing Little League (on a team full of boys) I swung the bat and the ball caught my thumb, crushing it against the bat. It was bleeding and turning blue, but it was considered a foul ball since I had swung at it. So, bleeding, hurting and all, I had to finish my at bat.
Most embarrassing: Running across the high school campus after a softball game, back before they merely added the stripe down the sock and actually made us wear stirrups, my stirrup came out of my shoe and I caught my foot on it. I went sprawling on the cement stairs and whacked my knee. Even though school was out, enough students saw me to make my life miserable.

Rachel K said...

Wow, Brenda, you've had some fun accidents! I remember your thumb after that game--it looked painful! LOL, I didn't know it was possible to hit yourself with a car. Glad TG was ok. It's amazing the things we do for our babies.