Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Random Thoughts

I really feel like writing but I can't decide exactly what I want to write, so here are some random thoughts/stories, in no particular order.

1. Baby Brown Eyes has been sick for the past few days. We thought it was just a cold that he would get over, but Mr. Brown Eyes was inspired to have me take him to the doctor. Turns out he has his very first ear infection. Poor baby. He's also losing his voice so his cry is more of a squeak. So he'll cry and our hearts will break that he doesn't feel good but at the same time we laugh because he sounds so cute.

2. We made artichoke and goat cheese pizza the other night. It was seriously delicious. Everyone must try it.

3. Baby Brown Eyes' antibiotic is what we referred to as "bubblegum medicine" when I was a kid. Like the "rootbeer medicine" we took for runny noses, "bubblegum medicine" was delicious and more of a treat than medicine. Baby, however, does not agree. He clamps those little gums shut very tight when he sees me coming toward him with the pink syringe. Mr. Brown Eyes pins down his arms while I fight to get the syringe into his mouth and squirt the medicine down his throat, half of which oozes back out after we think he's swallowed it. Then we love him and snuggle him and give him fun things to play with until he's stopped crying.

4. Babies. They don't know how good they have it.

5. I love February. It's my birthday month.

6. February is also the month of Valentine's Day, which I didn't like until I met Mr. Brown Eyes. Our first Valentine's Day together, I was so excited to finally have a Valentine for the first time in my life that I made sure we did all the cliche things--bought each other flowers, teddy bears, and chocolates and made googly-eyes at each other over a romantic dinner. Of course, the dinner was in the back of Mr. Brown Eyes' old Bronco, and all we could see from the mountain we'd parked on were the scattered lights of a little farming town, but everything is romantic when you're three weeks away from getting married.

7. Love. I am in love with it.

8. If we planted artichokes and bought a goat, we could have artichoke and goat cheese pizza for every meal.

9. While that would make me very happy, Mr. Brown Eyes might complain.

10. Maybe we'd just eat it for every other meal.

Happy Tuesday!

Feel free to send me birthday presents,
The Brown-Eyed Girl

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