Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Day in the Life

I recently stumbled across these pictures Brown-Eyed Boy took with my phone. I didn't even know he had it, but finding them made me smile.

It's like he's giving us a little peek into the day in the life of a three year-old...


We start the day with a brisk run. Well, Mommy runs (if you can call it that), while I sit in the stroller eating my Poptart and drinking my chocolate milk. Oh, and seeing how many times I can poke Sister in the face before Mommy notices.

I keep Mommy motivated by telling her to go faster.

Note my Optimus Prime ROBOT toy on my lap. It's awesome.
When we get home, Mommy takes so long "getting dressed" so she can finally play with me, that I get bored. This is our ceiling fan. It's not even doing anything interesting. Like spinning.

Mommy does this A LOT. She calls it "feeding Baby Sister." But I think it's just an excuse to make me wait. For EVERYTHING.

Still waiting.

Then we PLAY! I would include a picture, but I was way too busy. And it only lasted for, like, five seconds, before Mommy made some excuse why we had to stop. Like using the bathroom. Or eating lunch. Or "feeding Baby Sister."

Here's Mommy. I left out most of her face, but that's because it's not important.

After making me choke down my peanut butter and chocolate sandwich, Mommy lets me watch a movie. Look at my collection.

I watch my movie for a while, but then I realize Mommy has left the room and she probably misses my face.

She would be so bored without me.

The end because I got bored with taking pictures,
The Brown-Eyed Boy


Kolena locksa said...

Cute! So nice to see Ransom's perspective!

Jilly said...

I thoroughly loved reading that =) It really helped my mood! Thanks!

Amateur Steph said...

I totally think you captured his perspective, esp. about feeding the baby :).