Thursday, December 5, 2013

Camping Fun

Instead of going on any big vacations this summer, we went camping.
We camped near Kelly Canyon, in the middle of a spacious meadow full of all the dirt Brown-Eyed Boy could dream of.
We camped in Sedona, in the shade of towering red-rock cliffs, watching as a gorgeous thunderstorm rolled in.

We camped at Lynx Lake in Prescott, where my husband got addicted to gold-panning and the boys played from sun-up to sun down.

But my favorite camping trip was the one we took just a couple weeks ago...

in our very own yard.

It was awesome. No packing required. We just slapped the tent in the yard, sat around the firepit eating hot dogs and s'mores, watched a movie, and went to sleep. We didn't even need the air mattress, because our grass is so soft. We got our camping fix in and we barely had to leave the comfort of our home.

It was all Brown-Eyed Boy's idea.  

I love s'mores,
The Brown-Eyed Girl

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