Monday, August 12, 2013

Mr. Brown Eyes' Birthday

Last month, Mr. Brown Eyes and I celebrated his birthday by going go-kart racing.
These are the electric go-karts that get up to 40 miles per hour. Which didn't sound that fast to me, until I was sitting in the driver's seat with a big ol' helmet on my head, slamming the brakes around those tight curves because I was terrified of spinning out, feeling the rush of wind as every other driver sped past me.
Our first race, I came in dead last.
Mr. Brown Eyes, or Mr. Second Place, gave me some tips to drive a little faster. So during our second race, I picked it up a little.
Still dead last, though.
Mr. First Place said to me, "I dare you to mash down the gas and go as fast as you can."
I took his challenge to heart. Our third and final race, I was determined not to be the loser. I put that pedal to the metal, flew past other drivers, and whipped around those corners like a go-kart racing fool.
And then I crashed into the wall.
It was a plastic wall, more of a divider, actually. But they had to stop the whole race and come pull me out. It was embarrassing. And it made my head hurt.
But when the results were posted, I was second-to-last.
Mr. Brown Eyes was proud.
Afterward, we had dinner at an amazing little place known as a revolving sushi restaurant.
Our first experience at a place like this was in Oregon, when we were dating. It was a magical discovery earlier this year to find that there are some here in Arizona.
You sit down, and endless plates of delicious sushi come marching past you on a little conveyor belt.

You pick what you want and dig in.


The plates are priced according to color. You just stack up what you've used and the waitress adds it up later.

Our stack of plates always gets pretty high. Go figure.
 Happy birthday, Mr. Brown Eyes. Thank you for being born so you could be mine.
The go-kart racing queen,
The Brown-Eyed Girl









Kolena locksa said...

I would have crashed every single time, and still gotten dead last, so congrats on crashing and not losing!!! :)

Jilly said...

Ok.. it worked, I'm smiling... actually I giggled some too!! You and Sean are such a perfect couple!!! I bet he had a FABULOUS birthday because of you =)