Monday, August 27, 2012

Two Year-Olds, Road Trips, and Morning Sickness

Many times during our two and a half week road trip from Arizona to New York and many places in-between, I asked myself the question, "What was I thinking?"

Entertaining a two year-old in a car for eight hours was much harder than I thought it would be. Especially after Mr. Brown Eyes flew back to Arizona, and I was a single mom for over a week.

I can tell you I prayed. A lot.

So how do you survive a cross-country road trip with a two year-old?

Lots of peek-a-boo,

i-phone games,

ice cream,


new toys,

exciting new things to see,

lots and lots of trips to the park,

and praying for nap time.

I also owe much thanks to the makers of Ice Age, Monsters vs. Aliens, and Mighty Machines, as well as Quaker and their chocolate-dipped granola bars.

So once my little Brown-Eyed Boy was entertained, all I had to worry about was how to survive a cross-country road trip with morning sickness.

That proved to be harder than the two year-old.

Still queasy,
The Brown-Eyed Girl

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Kolena locksa said...

You are amazing for doing that trip! While pregnant even! I think I would have ripped my hair out the first week!