Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Careers and Motherhood

I just read this article.

All I have to say is, good luck, lady.

Just a few weeks of maternity leave, all of which you will be working?

I see two things happening. Either she will be conked on the head by the reality stick and realize that newborns don't allow you to do much besides nurse, change diapers, and snuggle, much less work as the CEO of a major corporation. Besides that, she will be so enamored with her new baby that she won't want to work.

But, more likely, she will keep her word by pawning her baby off on some kind of nanny, because being the CEO of Yahoo is much more important than motherhood. Higher paying, at least.

I understand that some women have no choice but to be working mothers. But it makes me sad to see women who think climbing the corporate ladder is so important they either don't have children at all, or they have children but push them aside.

Seriously, don't you think your own child deserves more from you than just a few weeks of maternity leave?

I know I should be so thrilled that women's rights have come so far that a pregnant woman was hired as CEO of Yahoo. But the old-fashioned part of me thinks a pregnant woman should be at home taking care of her family. Or at least willing to take sufficient maternity leave to care for her newborn baby.

Forget your job for a while. Enjoy being a mother.

Will this woman ever pause to gaze into her baby boy's eyes, push aside her work to hear him giggle and coo, throw out her arms to catch him after he takes his first wobbly steps?

I hope so.

Because that is way more important than being the CEO of anything.

Take it from me,
The Brown-Eyed Girl

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