Monday, June 13, 2011

Captain Ahab in the Cabinet

My thoughts are pretty random right now so I'm going to give you a random post.

1. I found Captain Ahab in the bathroom cabinet last night, tucked next to the toilet paper. Captain Ahab being the name we gave the little white-bearded captain of Baby Brown Eyes' toy boat. That's one of the fun things about having a toddler. He'll tote his toys around the house and I'll end up finding them in the most random places. A little piece of Baby Brown Eyes to make me smile.

2. I've felt pretty discouraged about my writing lately. Satan likes to do that to me: make me feel like I'm no good. But then I sat down at my computer Saturday night and read some of my recent writing and I remembered--hey, I'm good! I was so bolstered by this discovery I stayed up until midnight, typing away. I miss the feeling of losing myself in my writing. There's not much time for that anymore.

3. I'm ready for baby #2. There. I said it.

4. In connection with #3 above, Mr. Brown Eyes thinks I have a one-track mind. I don't know what gives him that idea. Maybe because I hear potential baby names everywhere, I swoon over itty-bitty baby clothes, and I talk about having another baby all the time.

5. But my body is lazy, so don't expect an "I'm pregnant!" announcement anytime soon.

6. In am in love with Culvers. Unhealthily so, I think.

7. The other night, Mr. Brown Eyes and I drove down our dark country road listening to "Drive" by Alan Jackson. I don't even like Alan Jackson. But now I hear that song and I think about our little boy and our future children and it makes me all mushy inside.

8. Mr. Brown Eyes makes fun of me for setting up the tray of our dish drainer upside down, for getting the words to Brad Paisley's "This is Country Music" wrong (that's a story for another day), for burning the pancakes the other morning. He makes fun of me for a lot of things. I give him a lot of material. But I can make fun of him for all the times (there have been at least two) he wanders the house muttering, "Where is my phone!" when it's plugged into the speakers in the living room, blasting music all over the house.

9. See? I don't have a one-track mind. I've only mentioned babies maybe three times.

That's what I call self-control,
The Baby-Hungry Brown-Eyed Girl

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Kolena locksa said...

Oh Culvers! How I love that place!!!
You should start charting on fertility friend and link it on your blog. That way I can obsess over your chart. :) Since I can't obsess over my chart for 5 more months. :)